Mass shootings in the United States

Gov. Greg Abbott, an avid gun-rights supporter, avoided taking any action around gun purchases.
El Paso shooting victims Guillermo and Jessica Garcia are the first to file a lawsuit in the aftermath that injured about two-dozen people and killed 22 people.
The newspaper listed the names of hundreds of victims of mass shootings to urge the Senate majority leader to "do something."
Several new laws going into effect on Sunday will make it easier to carry firearms in public places, like schools and churches.
The retailer plans to spend up to four months on renovations following the mass shooting there.
The former "NRA Mom" now says "we must do something about guns."
After the massacre, Trump visited Ohio victims and then criticized the mayor and Sen. Sherrod Brown as “very dishonest” and “misrepresenting” his visit.
Two House bills aim to close the "gun show loophole." Experts say they'll have little effect on gun crime without a larger set of reforms.
Trump's hometown tabloid cut to the chase with its blistering cover.
Hundreds of gun control activists gathered in front of the National Rifle Association's headquarters in Virginia to honor this weekend's shooting victims.
The president commented on the two shootings over the weekend in Texas and Ohio.
Several Republican officials declined to appear on the network after more than 30 people were killed in less than 24 hours in Texas and Ohio.
The president is "sad," "angry" about two deadly mass shootings within 24 hours, his acting chief of staff said.
Since Parkland, no meaningful U.S. gun laws have passed, but other countries have learned from similar tragedies.
The rock band takes a serious turn with a new anti-gun-violence song.