mass violence

Police identified a woman in her late 30s, Nasim Aghdam, as the suspect who opened fire at YouTube’s headquarters before dying by an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. Female active shooters are very rare.
Some headlines seem more sympathetic to white perpetrators of mass violence than black victims of police shootings.
Until we can stop mass violence events, the Stop the Bleed effort says we can at least increase survival after them. For more info head to
The alarming connection between domestic abuse and mass violence is just one more reason to pay attention to domestic violence.
Yet again, a deranged mass killer abused the women in his life before striking the public.
Stretch anything far enough and it'll begin to tear, fragment, break apart. That, I suspect, may be a reasonable summary of what's been happening in our twenty-first-century world. Under stress, things are beginning to crack open.