Later, healthier, sleep-friendly school hours are a change whose time has come in Massachusetts. In the past month at least three districts have announced plans to delay the start of the school day to give students a chance for healthier sleep.
“We need to fight obesity,” she told the news outlet, “not obese people.” "Honestly, I laughed," Tracy Watson, the mother
Joseph is one of several elementary students who have been disciplined for playing with pretend or imaginary guns at school
"The violent portrayal is what's upsetting parents," Everett Schools Superintendent Fred Foresteire told WHDH. "It's inappropriate
NEW YORK -- The report card is in, and the grades aren't good. But at least they're slightly better than last year's. "We're
The T3 Initiative program, a collaboration between Boston Public Schools and Teach Plus, began training and placing groups
"You know I'd like to go back to school I'd like to get my diploma and go to Westfield State like I planned on, but I don't
Click over to Byron's CrowdRise fundraising site to contribute to her cause. So the 28-year-old Gardner Pilot Academy special
When asked by a student about alternatives to measuring kids' performance through tests, Romney said he had none. When he
According to D’eon, she had no idea of the extent of the break until she saw Ally in the school nurse’s office. “It didn't
“The tentative agreement between the Boston Teachers Union and the Boston school district is a model of what’s possible when
The target this time? Taylor Swift, who could very well end up performing for an audience made up entirely of students from
Because the cost of attending public universities in Massachusetts is chiefly composed of mandatory fees, not tuition, the
The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a national vegan and physician group based out of D.C., has filed a petition
The teachers unions are under attack -- and not just from Scott Walker. In addition to attacks from politicians, media, and the public, some teachers have also voiced criticism of their unions.
The study's findings echo years of rankings that show foreign students outpacing their American peers academically. Students
Americans continue to lose faith in their public schools, a Gallup poll reported recently. Less than a third of Americans said they had a "great deal" or "quite a lot" of confidence in schools. Why the drop?
Every time a child is excluded from school by adults or is chronically absent without any actions to determine why, we are failing the child and undercutting the importance of education. Hundreds of years after Americans first made that connection, what will it take for us to get it again today?
The Springfield School Committee voted 5-1 Thursday in favor of the "Comprehensive Reproductive Health Policy," which aims
"If there's a finding… then parents are gonna go nuts," one school official told WHDH. "People panic, and I don't want that