massive attack

Would that blow your mind?
So sing Post Death Soundtrack of Lewis Carroll's Alice on their track of the same name from their forthcoming LP, The Unlearning
Now that music festival season has officially come to a close you can finally take a deep breath and pack on a few pounds for the coming winter. Don't worry, next year will be here before you know it and you'll be back blowing every dollar you've earned on warm whiskey, inappropriate Native American attire, and glow sticks.
If some of these are unfamiliar, take a listen -- they might just change your life for the better as they did mine twenty some years ago.
This particular edition of "A-Sides" finds three completely different artists sharing their craft in a typical laid-back setting.
"Unfortunately a lot of people, they don't pay attention to politics, but they pay attention to Radiohead, they pay attention
Massive Attack debuted a new song with hardly a peep on Friday, posting a link on their Facebook to a song with the label
Usually Massive Attack's projects are almost like a song cycle. What was the approach while making your the new album, Heligoland?
We are coming to you live from Crazy Girls strip club in Hollywood. Our listeners can enjoy the experience of a gentleman's club without ever having to leave the comfort of their Prius.
The Moth thrills through words, specifically by bringing people together who have great stories to tell. Their last mainstage show on Tuesday, "Saints and Sinners," featured five stories mostly about minor but amusing sins.