Breast surgeons and mastectomy patients recommend these bras and skin gels for post-op comfort.
Even the best intentions can backfire sometimes. Here's a guide on how to really offer support after the breast cancer procedure.
"I worried that the man I was starting to like would be disappointed or repulsed ... I needed to warn him so he wouldn’t be surprised at what he saw or touched."
"Scabby dark lines ran horizontally over the slightly bruised skin where my breasts had been — lines studded with stitches designed to dissolve in the body."
My inaccurate results meant I had been carrying around a devastatingly unnecessary burden for more than a decade.
How could I feel confident when I was wholeheartedly embarrassed by my jagged pink scars?
"I really want people people to be aware that this is an option," the tattoo artist and eyebrow expert said.
In January, I found out I had the mutated BRCA1 gene.