Joe Bastianich has since issued a statement claiming the comments are "not reflective of his views."
"Let’s not only nourish our stomachs, but let’s nourish our minds.”
We humans are much more resilient than we think.
Guest Judge Richard Blais reveals the seventh Mystery Box challenge, as the winner will avoid competing in the elimination
I wonder if much of the exasperation felt in the upper levels of our profession has led us to choose the simplicity that
So, sure, the all-you-can-eat chocolate, caramel and cookie dough are the ingredients of a "dream job." But as Christina and her team at Milk Bar prove, what actually makes the dream a reality is when the pursuit of personal passions is combined with honest creativity, respect and giving back to others.
If we're going to wring our hands over whether today's kids are losing creativity, though, it only takes seeing the smiles and obvious pride on "MasterChef Junior" participants' faces to suggest that it's worth the attempt.
"MasterChef" host and restaurant owner Joe Bastianich gives the scoop on truffle oil.
Usually, MasterChef exaggerates: most extreme pressure test ever, or biggest cooking competition in the world!" but this finale was super real.
Families and bull balls make for an interesting challenge this week. First, everyone gets a loved one to show up -- Christian's fiance, Leslie's wife, Courtney's little bro. And they have to make a fancy version of their favorite home dishes.
I know it's good TV, but it's irritating. It does, at least, send a message that girls aren't the only ones who catfight. When Gordon tells you to stop measuring your genitals and cook, you do it.
I hate tag team challenges -- it gives me Leslie-like stress. But we can start at the beginning. The contestants al get letters from home that make them cry and then they have to cook a savory apple dish. No sweets. Courtney, smug little thang, wins, though I was feeling Christian's stuffed chop.
This week, the chicken comes before the egg, but the eggs are really, really, hard to cook.
I think it was Victoria who said she felt sick to her stomach and I have to agree with her. Most. Intense. Challenge.
For this week's Mystery Box challenge, there's a fancy box and a cheap box. I would have totally chosen the cheap box, because there ain't nothing wrong with processed cheese dip.
So tonight was all about romance and two teams -- with Ahran and Elizabeth at the helms -- had to cook for a bunch of couples. And Gordon Ramsey's wife, who was wearing delectable yellow heels that made even Courtney gape in awe.