Joe Bastianich has since issued a statement claiming the comments are "not reflective of his views."
"Let’s not only nourish our stomachs, but let’s nourish our minds.”
We humans are much more resilient than we think.
Guest Judge Richard Blais reveals the seventh Mystery Box challenge, as the winner will avoid competing in the elimination
Honestly, I would never have dreamed of contributing to "Huff Post," when there are so many other topics to choose from, and
So, sure, the all-you-can-eat chocolate, caramel and cookie dough are the ingredients of a "dream job." But as Christina and her team at Milk Bar prove, what actually makes the dream a reality is when the pursuit of personal passions is combined with honest creativity, respect and giving back to others.
If we're going to wring our hands over whether today's kids are losing creativity, though, it only takes seeing the smiles and obvious pride on "MasterChef Junior" participants' faces to suggest that it's worth the attempt.
"MasterChef" host and restaurant owner Joe Bastianich gives the scoop on truffle oil.