Masterpiece Cakeshop

State judges did not act with religious animus when weighing the Arlene's Flowers case, the Washington Supreme Court held.
Baker Jack Phillips, fresh from a Supreme Court victory in a case involving his refusal to serve a same-sex couple, is bringing another legal fight.
The Fab Five can't agree on the Colorado baker who rejected a gay couple's cake order.
The Supreme Court showed it still views LGBTQ people differently than other minorities.
If Brush & Nib Studio wants to sell to the public, the court said it can't discriminate based on sexual orientation.
The poll was issued on the same day as the Supreme Court's Masterpiece Cakeshop ruling.
Monday’s ruling was a step backward for LGBTQ rights and America at large.
“I strongly disagree... with the Court’s conclusion that Craig and Mullins should lose this case,” Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg wrote.
The Masterpiece Cakeshop battle echoes a similar case from half a century ago, they say.
The baker says it’s about free speech, but the same-sex couple says it’s purely discrimination.
A new campaign shows how a ruling for discrimination could reverberate far beyond bakeries.
The ACLU calls the Justice Department’s unsolicited brief on a same-sex wedding cake case facing the Supreme Court “shocking, even for this administration.”
Discrimination laws protect Christians far more than gays in this country. They restrict a business owner from refusing to serve certain protected classes. At the same time the 1st Amendment protects free speech, and free speech includes the right not to speak.
The Colorado baker who was ordered to serve gay couples by a state judge says he'd rather go to jail than prepare a same-sex wedding cake.