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With all these collaborations with the real Navy, you really get time to pick their brain and help make your character authentic
What defines a man as a man these days and how far have millennial men come as far as the variety of emotions they are allowed to express openly?
I think a lot of shows would have waited to have those big moves -- Masters and Johnson both losing their jobs. Was it ever
Tune into "Masters Of Sex" this Sunday, July 13 at 10 PM EST and watch the video below to learn more about the show's costuming
Work and (sexual) pleasure are two things that probably shouldn't mix, but from the looks of "Masters of Sex" Season 2, they're
There's a reason the show is called "Masters of Sex." The cast of Showtime's hit drama assembled for the TV Academy panel
The funny woman, who received an Emmy nomination for her Comedy Central show “The Sarah Silverman Program,” has just signed
How do you turn a drama into a symphony? By slowly unveiling notes that lead towards a crescendo, hitting those high notes
Virginia Johnson is the strongest female character on TV. It's got all of the scandal, fashion, drama and depth of character
Showtime has renewed "Masters of Sex" for Season 2 and "Homeland" for Season 4. “'Homeland' continues to prove its strength