Last November, Eric Witzke told WWMT he was working on a simple project in his backyard in Michigan when he accidentally dug up a Mastodon!
You never know what's lying just beneath the surface in your own yard. Hundreds of mastodon bones and even some footprints
Just when we thought we had reached the nadir/apex of human existence in a post-"Anaconda" world, here's Mastodon's music
Jim Brown: "First of all, rock 'n' roll had been outlawed in the beginning in the Soviet Union. In a way -- and I'm making a larger film about this -- rock 'n' roll became a way to protest the government and to stick up for individualism."
In July, workers at the Christian charity In the Image, located in Grand Rapids, Mich., were surprised to find a giant toothlike
Dinosaurs, mammoths and sea monsters will never cease to capture the public imagination precisely because they only exist
Mastodon teeth are considered collectibles and can be bought on eBay. Villanueva said he's been offered $500 for his mighty
"This is an interesting period for Crete — back then, it might have been made of small islands, smaller than today," Herridge