It’s not clear if the drama is causing many users to leave the platform, but lesser-known sites Mastodon and even Tumblr are emerging as new (or renewed) alternatives.
The "free speech absolutist" billionaire continued his censorship tantrum after suspending the accounts of prominent tech reporters.
Hundreds of thousands of people have flocked to other social networks after Elon Musk's takeover. Mastodon has some momentum.
A software project dedicated to community ownership and public accessibility slams into Donald Trump's "Truth Social" media efforts.
Last November, Eric Witzke told WWMT he was working on a simple project in his backyard in Michigan when he accidentally dug up a Mastodon!
Jim Brown: "First of all, rock 'n' roll had been outlawed in the beginning in the Soviet Union. In a way -- and I'm making a larger film about this -- rock 'n' roll became a way to protest the government and to stick up for individualism."