Show them how matcha you love them.
Red Bull and Monster aren't your only options anymore. There are some healthy newcomers to the energy drink cooler at the grocery store.
You’ve heard about matcha, but why has this powdered tea become so popular?
This year's Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco was different. Instead of the craziness of fads that come and go, the show proved that the desires and choices of the American consumer have been consolidated and some trends might be here to stay.
Americans have now started to adapt the ingredient beyond recognition, essentially reducing it to the level of pumpkin spice. Matcha has hit its saturation point, and it's time to dial it back.
Remember how innovative it once was to pour powder into a bottle of water, give it a few shakes and get lemonade?
It's always fun to create new breakfast and brunch ideas. It's even more fun when I'm incorporating one of the hottest foodie ingredients of the moment...Matcha! You probably are aware by now that matcha is finely ground green tea powder.
Here are a few ways to use Matcha:
Here's why you should be drinking matcha tea.