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"Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, Trayvon -- those could be my sons."
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Being a mother is something Achindu never takes for granted. After marrying her husband Georges in 2003, the couple soon
My second pregnancy with my son Jackson, which was more difficult than my first pregnancy with my daughter Riley. I found
What kind of example do you hope to impart to your children through your work? That work doesn’t have to be a place that
“At the time I was incredibly in love with this person who was no longer in love with me,” she says. “There was a lot of
What do you enjoy most about being a mom? How has being a mother changed your life? Most people don’t know how hard those
No stranger to a packed schedule herself, DeArcy Hall relishes in being able to say, “Today, we’re just going to relax.” Jayden
As 46-year-old Geraldine Moriba gives her children, Warner, 16, and Nia, 12, assignments -- pour the dry ingredients into
It’s a truth that few women can run away from: once you start hitting certain life milestones, the big question -- When are
“My career [was] extremely demanding, especially travelwise,” Frempong Boadu remembers. “Since the beginning of my career
Laughter is a sound that's never too far away from Trenesa Stanford-Danuser family's Brooklyn home -- and it usually has
But right when you’re about to ask if you can move in, the home’s real star pads into the living room, barefoot and playing
“The interesting thing about theater performing,” Pope Caffey said, “[is that] you feel young forever. A lot of women in
When speaking to poet Staceyann Chin, it's hard not to be taken by the sound of her voice. Her voice has been a tumbling
“We’ve been planning this and talking about what we’re going to do...” Her son Aurelio bounces from wooden table to table
After all those “doozies,” Riley is now enjoying being engaged to graphic designer/aspiring director Carl Brunson; she’s