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When researchers need to compare complex new genomes; or map new regions of the Arctic in high-resolution detail; or detect signs of dark matter; or make sense of massive amounts of fMRI data, they turn to the high-performance computing and data analysis systems supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF).
The challenges we face in the decades ahead are many (just think about inequality, or climate change or the fact that still around 800 million people go to bed hungry every day), there is every reason to be positive. Why?
The droplets that fall onto a treated surface coalesce into bigger drops that soak up dirt as they roll across the surface
Check out the video below to learn more about the research. Step aside, Teflon. Physicists at the University of Rochester
The study was published online in February in Advanced Materials. Chinese scientists have created the world’s lightest substance
The new view was produced with a novel nano-imaging technique, developed by researchers at UCLA and Northwestern, that allows
Due to the impact of an implosion like this one the on surrounding area, very few bridge projects require the use of explosives
All that protection comes at a price, though: The TEGRA-LITE case starts at $5,995. The newest attache case from high-end
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There are more and more stirrings of a science-driven revolution, a transformation in how we generate our power. Some doubt the value of encouraging this sort of revolution to occur. I don't.
I started to wonder if I hadn't suddenly fallen into a comic book...