maternal depression

"Asking for help during what is considered one of the most joyous periods in a parent’s life can be daunting."
A recent research study indicates that for women with the most severe symptoms, maternal depression and anxiety often begin during pregnancy not just after giving birth. Yet despite this staggering statistic, 70 to 80 percent of these women never receive treatment, because they are never properly identified and diagnosed.
We also need to better detect and treat mothers who suffer from depression. We have strong evidence that untreated depression in moms impairs their attachment to their children and is associated with these children developing behavioral and emotional problems in childhood. If the moms are properly treated not only do they do better, so do their kids.
For six months, I had trouble sleeping, racing thoughts, extreme anxiety, dread and suicidal thoughts. My husband would come home to find various configurations of alarm. I did not feel a bond with my daughter.
We all make mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes cost us money. Many of us can afford a mistake or two. We pay the bank, the mechanic or the gas company and we move on. Some people cannot afford to make mistakes.
To look at the question of how maternal depression and treatment of it with antidepressants affects early language development
"Physical growth is one of the most important indicators of early childhood health and has long-term consequences for well
People have different definitions for "recovery." Mine is doing what it takes to reduce one's worst symptoms and learn to manage the stubbornly-irritating ones that remain.