maternal mental health

It’s important that mothers who are suffering from a postpartum mood disorder work with understanding and sensitive practitioners.
At the Seleni Insitute, our main mission is to destigmatize mental health issues. Because when people suffer from them, the cost can be counted in lives. In my own family, we've lost people to mental illness, and the reverberations can still be felt three generations later.
Practicing mindfulness had also taught me to 'turn towards' the pain, instead of 'turning away' in avoidance. So I let the sadness seep through my body, feeling its inexpressible sting. I was not ready to accept what had happened, but I accepted the sadness. That in itself gave me a profound sense of calm.
A mother and her child are two parts of a whole, and we need to treat them as such during and after pregnancy. Making sure moms are healthy is how we give birth to a healthy society.
When I got pregnant and became a mother at 15, I experienced an overwhelming onslaught of disrespect and shame from family members, friends and perfect strangers.
A mother's well-being is key to ensuring healthy outcomes, and quality maternity leave is a fundamental piece of women's mental health.
Not only did the NYT omit several large, reliable studies on antidepressant use during pregnancy and fail to include views from experts in the field of reproductive mental health, but the tone of the article is demeaning to women facing the difficult choice of taking medication to treat mental illness during pregnancy.
We have to talk about maternal mental health. If breastfeeding isn't working -- if the process is overtaking mothering -- then breast stops being best.