maternal mortality rate

In 2015, some 303,000 women died from childbirth or pregnancy-related complications. Yet that figure, disturbing as it is, is dwarfed by the number of young mothers who suffer injury, infection and disease after giving birth.
BANGKOK, Nov. 12  -- Only nine countries have achieved a UN development goal of reducing the number of women dying before
The women who need the most guidance and support are often those who have faced the toughest obstacles. To reduce the infant mortality rate and play a part in making our communities stronger and healthier, we must reach out to these women and help them access the healthcare and education they need because it truly takes a village to successfully raise a child.
The world has made significant progress in ensuring more kids live to see adulthood -- just check out the blue bars. Although
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Both internationally and domestically, maternal health is at the center of concern, especially as we near the deadline for the Millennium Development Goals that focus on preventable child and maternal deaths.
Advancing the maternal and child health agenda in Kenya requires collective action from the international development community, donors and local organizations and communities.
A California-based nonprofit is helping deliver an effective solution to the ongoing issue of health care accessibility in
In the past, researchers and demographers have chalked this longevity gap up to biological factors, which range from women's