maternity clothes

Model Chrissy Teigen took to Snapchat to share her struggle with a pair of leggings that required her husband John Legend’s assistance. Teigen is expecting the couple’s second child.
You can slip this stretchy jersey dress on with a blazer and be good to go. And because the style is so simple and uncontroversial
For your own maternity fashion, moms-to-be should forget everything you think you know when it comes to maternity style! You don't need to hide in black leggings and an oversized top for nine months.
When our bodies are morphing seemingly out of control before our very eyes, YES, we want to look good! And we can absolutely do so without spending a small fortune.
It is a common misconception that maternity clothes used to be awful. People think that once upon a time pregnant women only wore oversized shirts, shapeless dresses and not much else.
We dare you to scroll through these photos of expectant mothers dating all the way back to the 1950s and tell us they weren't
In the '80s and '90s, maternity clothes meant oversized t-shirts and loose-fitting dresses (a la Princess Diana), but not
In any event, it was great to fit into a pair of pants that donʼt look like my grandmother should be wearing them. Until I saw my husband wearing them.
I went on a bender and it felt so good even though it was so bad. After almost four years of pregnancies, nursing, carrying extra weight from fertility meds, and then delivering twins, I finally lost it. BLACK YOGA PANTS BE DAMNED! It was time to revamp my wardrobe.
We've been seeing an awful lot of pregnant celebrities lately, be they royals, actresses, singers or reality stars. Naturally