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Our message to parents of girls: keep close watch on them in middle school and DON'T let them give up easily. Your ability
But something funny happens when failure is taken off the table. Success falls right off the table with it, along with true
I hear it every day from my own students. "You don't teach us," they mutter under their breath, or sometimes brazenly out loud. "No one gets this," individual students remark beneficently on behalf of everyone. And so I struggle. Every day. Every class. Every interaction.
With that said, there are exceptionally successful biologists who claim that good math skills are not a requirement, offering
We have all met certain precocious children that learn tremendously quickly, read from an early age, and display advanced vocabulary. What we rarely see, however, are the hours and years of work involved in educating a child with a "gift."
There's a belief in the United States that there are two types of people -- those who are good at math, and those who aren't. And yet, studies have shown very few, if any, genetic differences between a strong mathematician and someone "not good at math."
Thomas Edison's Secret Lab: Secret Lab Meeting is a fun, educational adventure that had me humming songs about science for
I had long known of his legacy, but I first, personally, met Governor Winter two years ago, shortly after I returned from graduate school to my home, Mississippi.
As a female math major, I am all for minorities and women in STEM, but I feel like voicing out about the complexities with this issue and why it's far from a straightforward fix. So, while mathematics strives for simplicity and directness, the problems with getting more women and minorities involved in this subject is far from simple or straightforward.
Just as I can't learn how to play basketball by watching people play basketball, students can't learn how to solve problems by watching others solve problems or talk about solving problems.