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In 2019, the outgoing Republican governor pardoned Patrick Baker, who was related to a couple that had raised more than $20,000 for Bevin.
Gov. Andy Beshear has been calm and decisive. The former governor he beat last year is still peddling conspiracies and making jokes on Twitter.
Matt Bevin's "Chicken Little" post did not go over well.
Former Gov. Matt Bevin issued hundreds of last-minute pardons, including those for a convicted child rapist and the relative of a political donor.
Kentucky has just allowed former nonviolent felons the right to vote and Huffpost talked to Roger Fox, a man who will now be able to vote, about how important the change is for him.
Questions swirl around Bevin's last-minute pardons that freed a slew of criminals, including a child rapist and a killer whose brother is a political donor.
Former Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin pardoned a child rapist, who was also convicted of sodomy and child sex abuse.
Matt Bevin said he didn't believe Micah Schoettle was guilty and insisted the victim's hymen was "intact."
The Republican made 428 pardons and commutations since he lost his reelection campaign, including a convicted killer whose family donated to Bevin's campaign.
Paul Donel Hurt was serving life for molesting his 6-year-old stepdaughter. In a set of unusual circumstances, the victim walked back her story.
Bevin announced Thursday he will not contest results showing Democrat Andy Beshear winning.
Gov. Matt Bevin, who lost a close election last week, waded deep into the fever swamps to amplify baseless claims of voter fraud.
“Barring some dramatic reversal on the recanvass, we’ll have a different governor in three weeks," the Senate majority leader said.
A surprise victory in last week's governor's race may kickstart a long, slow turn away from the GOP in the Bluegrass.
Frustrated educators "always believed we could shock the world" by ousting Gov. Matt Bevin. But "it was still kind of shocking when we did it."
The GOP former Pennsylvania senator slapped Republicans with a bleak warning about the suburbs.
"The Daily Show" host was amused by the words Trump used when asking voters to save Matt Bevin in the Kentucky gubernatorial race.
A top Republican suggested the legislature could decide the outcome after Gov. Matt Bevin disputed Democrat Andy Beshear's apparent victory.
Even President Donald Trump couldn't save Matt Bevin, whose abrasive style and fights with teachers made him the least popular GOP governor in the country.
President Trump told a campaign rally his plan will protect voters with “pre-existing physicians.”