matt gaetz

The "Late Show" host spots the most ominous development yet for the Florida congressman.
The late-night host says things aren't looking good for the Florida congressman.
Joel Greenberg made more than 150 payments to dozens of women, including a minor, The Daily Beast reported.
Federal agents seized the Florida Republican's device when executing a search warrant over the winter, Politico reported.
The "Late Night" host threw back to the time the former president repeatedly called the lawmaker by the wrong name.
The late-night host warns of the danger of relying on Trump for a favor when you're in trouble.
Former tax collector Joel Greenberg discussed young woman he referred to as "Vintage 99" in WhatsApp chat while he was caught up in a sex trafficking probe.
The "Last Week Tonight" host ripped the Trump-loving lawmaker for allegedly putting evidence of his liaisons on Venmo.
The Wyoming lawmaker also called the sex trafficking allegations against Matt Gaetz "sickening."
"Who's next?" the "Weekend Update" anchor asked when listing some of the congressman's supporters. "The ghost of Jeffrey Epstein?"