matt gaetz

The two congressmen got heated as they debated a police reform bill.
The former "Sons of Anarchy" star had a busy weekend clapping back at conservatives on Twitter.
The GOP lawmaker's awkward phrasing also led "President God" to trend on Twitter.
Fox host Laura Ingraham was forced to shut down a boisterous debate between the Republican lawmaker and Democratic strategist Chris Hahn.
“I couldn’t stay in a hotel,” the Florida congressman said after coming in contact with someone who tested positive for the virus.
The 73-year-old president recently interacted with at least three GOP lawmakers who’ve since put themselves under self-quarantine.
The incoming White House chief of staff is the latest GOP lawmaker who may have had contact with an infected person.
Gaetz is among the Republican lawmakers who have begun a 14-day quarantine amid the COVID-19 outbreak after attending the conservative political conference.
The Republican congressman made light of the virus days before a person in his Florida district died of the illness.
CNN host says GOP strategy is to make it so "nobody knows what to believe anymore."