Matt Rosendale

President's son cranks up insulting rhetoric after bombs were mailed to his father's opponents.
Former Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle had been slated to join her boyfriend in Bozeman.
Matt Rosendale's ad talks about gun rights and the Constitution's Second Amendment while showing Article II, which deals with the executive branch.
The Seattle rockers have stoked controversy with a poster depicting President Trump’s dead body in front of a burning White House.
Montana, which Trump won by 20 percentage points, will be one of 2018’s top Senate battlegrounds.
Congressional candidate and Montana state Sen. Matt Rosendale (R) makes a point about federal government intrusion by seemingly firing a shot at a drone in a new TV ad released Monday.
Rosendale is one of a handful of Republicans running for Montana's only House seat, which is being vacated by Rep. Steve