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‘Veep’ stars showed their support for Julia Louis-Dreyfus as she enters her third round of chemo.
Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so. The words of this simple song are some of the first and truest things
"Veep" star Matt Walsh thinks Hillary Clinton is an "awesome candidate" for president, but her problem is that she's polarizing
"Veep" star Matt Walsh talks with "The HuffPost Show" about his "crazy theory" for how Hillary Clinton can win in 2016.
JAs the vice president, Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) was just a heartbeat away from the presidency. Call it fate: the president has stepped down to care for his ailing wife, and Selina, whose bungling White House antics we've gleefully enjoyed on VEEP for three HBO seasons, now gets her shot at the most powerful post in the land.
The nosebleed Gary suffers was in the script, but most of the other details were born organically. "How Selina reacted to
And, failing that, they'd really appreciate it if you'd stop referring to them as "that guy from that thing." Particularly
Watch the trailer above, but beware... Nash wrote and directed "Jason Nash Is Married" based on his web series of the same
David Cross's film, Hits, is a dark comedy exploring the nature of fame in 21st Century YouTube America. Cross brought a big chunk of his cast to the studio, and to say I lost control of this interview is to imply that I ever had it. It was, however, some of the most fun I had all week.
I see women "belonging" in certain roles as anachronistic. Professional women aren't place-holding, servile, coffee-pouring drones in a hive. But they aren't all queen bees either. We're sentient critters with expansive interests and abilities. We are self-sufficient, highly consequential, impressive people, who, way more often than not, raise children too.