The not-so-plastic actor is a carbon copy of the Mattel figure in the first look at the upcoming live-action film.
A diverse range of new Barbie dolls has been released, including a doll with no hair and a doll with the skin condition vitiligo. Since its debut in 1959, the iconic fashion doll now comes with a range of different body types, hairstyles and skin tones, to “better reflect the world girls see today”. We spoke to two women about what it means to them to see themselves represented.
"When kids learn about heroes like Ida B. Wells, they don't just imagine a better future -- they know they have the power to make it come true," toymaker Mattel said.
To be inducted, toys must have withstood tests of time and memory, changed play or toy design and fostered learning, creativity or discovery.
The brand has been under fire on social media for creating a collection of dolls for the Tokyo Games that many have called out for excluding the Asian community.
The Mattel brand has a new #ThankYouHeroes program to support front-line workers.
The toy giant hopes 750,000 plush toys based on the viral Baby Yoda character from the “The Mandalorian” Star Wars series on Disney+ will boost year-end sales.
These aren’t your mom’s Barbies with their problematic proportions and lack of diversity.
The toy manufacturer said it aims "to keep labels out and invite everyone in" with the dolls, which feature both male- and female-presenting clothing and accessories.
“No more dreaming. Something big’s coming...” Mattel tweeted of the news about the K-pop band.