Matteo Renzi

The West isn't in the clear -- elections aren’t everything.
Much of the media, and the analysts on which it relies, have provided a misleading narrative on the current political problems in Italy, following Sunday's "no" vote on a referendum on constitutional changes.
His resignation follows a crushing defeat in a national referendum.
Italians have voted in record numbers on Sunday to reject a series of constitutional reforms proposed by Prime Minister Matteo
The challenge now for Italy's political leadership is to avoid any loss of confidence in Italy's banking sector or in the long-term sustainability of its public finances. This challenge is both practical and political in nature.
Matteo Renzi is paying for what many had repeatedly pointed out as the Achilles' heel of his government: the lack of a real relationship with the country and the masses.
“The experience of my government ends here.”
The Prime Minister has vowed to resign if defeated.
The PM has promised to resign if he loses.
While everyone obsesses over the future of France, the seeds of an "Italexit" are being sown.