Matthew Barney

The mysterious artwork was installed in Queens by a group of anonymous artists this summer.
  Takeshi Murata, Monster Movie, 2005, single-channel video, color, with sound, 4 min. Collection SFMOMA. © Takeshi Murata
When I first watched Sherng-Lee Huang's and Livia Ungur's fantastical film Hotel Dallas, I was reminded of that Salvator Dalí and Walt Disney collaboration Destino.
I wrote a poem about the art show as an excuse to sit 45 seconds longer in the air conditioning: LOS ANGELES perhaps Norman
New York-based artist Matthew Barney was featured in a number of events in Los Angeles that I had the privilege to recently cover.
In its tribute to Frank Gehry, one of the most celebrated and innovative architects of our time, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art has accomplished the near impossible. The exhibition conveys the magic of Gehry's architecture
It’s midday on Sunday and I’m sitting in the “art installation suite” of a Hobart hotel opposite American artist Matthew
I met Derek Haffar at the Museum of Arts and Design during one of his Artist Studio hours last year. He was working on reconfigured, fragmented or broken castings of people. I walked in and convinced him to mask me.
Would you be enticed by Scarlett Johansson even if you knew you were going to die? Would you be able to resist those sensual lips, even if you knew she was an alien who would destroy you?
Like something out of an epic fantasy novel — or maybe The Lego Movie — Fingal's Cave, located on the Scottish island of
I'm currently in Brazil leading an art tour for collectors and dealers from the United States. We began our tour in the city of Belo Horizonte, the capital city of Minas Gerais, a state famous for agriculture and cuisine as well as its mineral resources and mining.
Nothing can prepare you for the breathtaking beauty of Inhotim, Brazil's best-kept secret for lovers of contemporary art.
Opportunities never cease. Artist Matthew Barney is seeking volunteers ready to work a 12-hour day at the Brooklyn Navy Yards
"Subliming Vessel: The Drawings of Matthew Barney" is at the Morgan Library until September 2. A second artist talk between
George Shea, the head of Major League Eating, has often compared our sport to, "a ballet of the buffet." He is often ridiculed for comparing traditional art to, well, stuffing one's face for prize money and a trophy.
Or perhaps you know him in costume as a dapper mythical goat man. Are you surprised at Barney's penchant for polos? Let us
Check out Barney's many disguises and masterpieces in the slideshow below: The artist's work is ripe with mythological symbolism
Quite often when I read mainstream American social science, I'm reminded as to how much I appreciate literature. This occurred to me again recently as I perused the latest issue of the zine called "Stupor."
Happy birthday to one of the most influential multi-disciplinary artists of our time, Matthew Barney. His truly unhinged