Matthew Cooke

We intend to continue making documentary series and films and writing blogs about human rights. We'll be announcing another one soon. But all this talk is useless unless we band together and act.
To say this is a David versus Goliath battle is an understatement since Sac County has a population of 10,071, whereas ROR
Despite the facts, we're a prison-crazed society. The solution to all our problems ... put them in jail! Yet we forget what a horrible act of torture a prison is. Even for a day.
"He would have, as a black man, been less likely to get a good income in any job," Cooke continued. "He would have likely
Adrian Grenier and 'How To Make Money Selling Drugs' director Matthew Cooke lay out a hypothetical situation in which President Obama had been busted for inhaling when he was younger. Would he be President today? Would he even have a job?
Featuring appearances by Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, Susan Sarandon, "The Wire" creator David Simon, real-life drug dealers