Matthew Dempsey

"I worried about prejudice. I worried about you being safe.”
From social media to sexual preference, the conversation stays real and attempts to shed some light on the actual benefit for White people of confronting their own limited thinking and inherent racism.
Do you tend to be attracted to the guy who smiles or smolders? I teamed up with Buzzfeed's Eugene Lee Yang to put perceived
Stigma keeps us from talking about mental illness, but it's time to raise our voices now that we've suffered the largest
Psychotherapist Matt Dempsey and comedian Jimmy Fowlie answer a caller's question about struggling to know if it's OK to date older gay men and how to do it without feeling like he has to sleep with them on the first date.
Why might we simultaneously feel attracted to and in competition with other gay mens bodies?
How long is too long to be spending searching through someone else's multiple social media accounts?
Psychotherapist Matthew Dempsey is back with the latest in his series of videos that explore issues affecting gay men throughout
Gay psychotherapist Matthew Dempsey is back with the latest installment in his monthly video series that discusses gay men
Psychotherapist Matthew Dempsey, recently released his latest video in a series dealing with everyday issues that affect