Matthew Kacsmaryk

The Senate Majority Leader’s letter follows a letter from Mitch McConnell urging the same court to reject the new rules.
The GOP leader targeted his message to one Texas judicial district that conservatives have used the most to block Biden administration policies.
Conservatives have always been against big government unless, of course, it means banning something they don't approve of. And that's not even the half of it.
U.S. District Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk was required to submit a lengthy report on all of his writings and appearances during his confirmation.
The Alaska Republican voted along with her colleagues to confirm federal Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk. She now says she "probably" wouldn't support him.
The conservative federal judge in Texas cited a study of responses to subway ads in an order that could ban the abortion pill mifepristone nationwide.
GOP senators voted for the Trump-appointed judge knowing he was rabidly anti-abortion. But none would tell HuffPost if they're happy about his court order.
Susan Collins was the only Republican who voted against making Matthew Kacsmaryk a lifetime federal judge.