matthew keys indicted

Reuters Deputy Social Media Editor Matthew Keys faces up to 25 years behind bars and $750K in fines for sharing protected login info. Criminal Defense Lawyer Jay Leiderman joins Mike to discuss the case and why he chose to take it pro bono.
Keys then revealed login information to Fox 40 parent company Tribune Co.'s computer server, giving hackers internal access
Imagine me at work and seeing your friend's name listed on an indictment in an email from the U.S. Attorney's Office.
"I found out the same way most of you did: From Twitter," he continued. "Tonight I'm going to take a break. Tomorrow, business
“The whole ‘being fired from a job you love for being just a bit too daring’ was one of the most-humbling experiences of
"I'm locked out for good," Keys wrote, according to the indictment. ":(." Read the full indictment here. Keys, a social media