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In "American Bitch," Matthew Rhys plays an author accused of violating women.
It's "The Americans" co-stars' first child together.
"There was no coming out story. There was no challenge," the actor tells HuffPost Live.
That feels like a lot to ask. But it's also true that any time The Americans has seemed like it could spring a leak so far
Bradley Cooper has been prepping for the role of Adam Jones in the film Burnt from the time he shucked oysters in a New Jersey
Frusen Glädjé and Scrabble with Gabriel. “The Americans” can be a grim show, there’s no doubt about that, but it does supply
Extra work can be easy or hard. Mostly it is just boring. However, my work on The Americans was an overnight shoot so it was, at least, certain to be lucrative. Here is a breakdown of that day and night.
The ace soundtrack: It's killing me not to give away a couple of the music cues from the fourth episode, but trust me, they're
But I digress. My point is that Matthew Rhys and Anna Maxwell Martin are not only fine actors in their own right, they are