Matthew Shepard

The tribute to the Wyoming student's legacy aims to serve as "a source of strength" for the LGBTQ community.
The couple's scathing remarks came at a Justice Department event marking the anniversary of a hate-crime bill named after their murdered son.
At CNN's town hall, the former vice president and 2020 candidate told the murder victim's mother about his support for the Equality Act to solidify LGBTQ rights.
I know the reality of antigay violence personally, because a 30-year-old shirt reminds me.
The 21-year-old's ashes are now interred at the Washington National Cathedral.
Shepard's ashes will be interred Friday at the Washington National Cathedral.
Judy and Dennis Shepard will donate their son's photos, notebooks and more Oct. 25.
The memory of the anti-gay hate crime remains even as LGBTQ acceptance has advanced in the state.
The Shepard family called the site the "perfect" place for their son's ashes 20 years after his death.
The lack of a memorial for Shepard's 1998 death in Wyoming "solidified the mission" for a Pulse memorial, nightclub owner Barbara Poma said.