Mauna Loa

A snowstorm hit the Big Island's summit, and more snow is expected.
When we think of space travel, or the exploration of the cosmos in general, we are inundated with grandeur notions of enormous
Don't be fooled: Hawaii is not an up-and-coming ski destination.
The solar-powered home has six bedrooms, a composting toilet, Wi-Fi with a 20-minute delay, and some seriously strict house rules.
The crew "returns to Earth" Sunday after 365 days in isolation.
The "world's most isolated ice caves" could tell scientists a lot -- but they're disappearing rapidly.
Scientists at the Hawaii Volcano Observatory monitor earthquakes and chart possible lava flows based on theoretical vent
I grew up in the East, so everything I know about Hawaii I learned from TV. Think Magnum, P.I.; Hawaii Five-0; The Brady Bunch: that kind of stuff.
"I think people accept the reality that CO2 is rising, but they don't have a grasp of what it means quantitatively," he continued
Skiers and snowboarders still manage to shred the slopes of Mauna Kea even though it is not maintained as a recreational
Below, Poli'ahu's handiwork: Mauna Kea summit road near Hilo Snow-covered Mauna Kea is seen in the background. A surfer chick
Last week, the earth hit an environmental milestone that has climate scientists very concerned. One of the things that the