maundy thursday

This is how the pontiff observed Holy Thursday before Easter.
The pope also officially decreed that women -- previously barred from the ceremony -- would now be included.
Maundy Thursday marks the Last Supper of Jesus before his crucifixion.
Christians around the world observe Jesus's crucifixion and resurrection during Holy Week.
Growing up, I learned to deny and ignore the negative and broken, but each time I manage to walk through struggle or grief as opposed to trying to go around it, I feel this deep release, like the fullness of God's love in my exposed brokenness.
Last night, Jesus once again gathered with his disciples, washed our feet and called us to love, and then shared the unthinkable news that he would be handed over by one of his own.
The root of every problem in the world is the absence of love, and so the infusion of love must be the beginning of every solution. Jesus invites us to follow our Master's example, and reminds us that by taking this posture, we will be obeying all of his commands.
Today's meditation features a poem by speaker and writer Dr. Kent M. Keith. "The Paradoxical Commandments," called "Anyway
The Thursday of Holy Week reminds believers of the Last Supper Jesus had with the disciples, and more specifically Jesus' teaching about the power of what it means to be a servant. Jesus knew what was to come.
During Holy Week, I knew I needed to carry my cross down and share the love of God. I cannot let hate and violence continue without question. For the follower of Jesus, the biggest questions are always in the form of a cross.