maureen dowd

The president needs you, Mrs. Trump, and fast. I get it ― maybe you don’t want to jump into the icy waters of Washington
Ten years ago, I predicted the rise of a new form fascism in the United States and Europe, suggesting that the injustices and contradictions of the capitalist system were growing too large to be contained any longer by the existing liberal political order.
It doesn't mean we can't fight for our own rights and causes. But we can't let the Republican Party divide us or be distracted
The New York Times columnist said he's "using the press as a selfie stick."
Summertime also supplies a considerably important history lesson on how the Women's Rights Movement was intertwined with the battle against homophobia.
Also, Trump has done Cruz a favor by his behavior all these months. By comparison, Cruz now can seem moderate in temperament
Maureen Dowd goes for the throat. Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, not so much.
WASHINGTON — YOU could hear how hard it was for Donald Trump to say the words. “Yeah, it was a mistake,” he said, sounding
Albright shouldn't have used the quote in the context she did during her campaign stop, but I feel the quote itself is being needlessly attacked. You see, I find it hard to separate my college from that quote.
It's really hard to say what has caused such a massive ignorance of how and why our economy grows by one political party. But until the Grand Old Party realizes this, our economic growth 'malaise' will only continue.
So why does it make so much sense to vote for Hillary? The simple answer is despite all the attacks; the tens of millions of dollars and thousands of lines of print attacking her over many years; Hillary Rodham Clinton is still standing tall and the leading Democrat in 49 out of 50 states.