The massive march was sparked by outrage over the government's slow response to the island nation's worst environmental disaster in years.
Thousands of civilian volunteers have worked for days to try to minimize damage to protected marine wetlands polluted by the spilled fuel.
Locals are donning hazmat suits and trying to clean up the oil spill after the MV Wakashio struck a coral reef and ran aground.
An estimated 1 ton of oil has already escaped into the Indian Ocean after a Japanese ship ran aground off the island's southeast coast.
Party photos are my favorite staple of the Facebook feed scroll-down. There’s something about photo-evidence of people’s
The wedding is over, the guests have gone home and the rings on you and your partner’s entwined fingers are glistening. Just
The plane disappeared in March 2014 with 239 passengers and crew on board.
Santoirini is said to be the most romantic of the Greek islands - with mesmerising memorable sunsets. It provides a feast
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Mauritius has gone through five stages of tourism entertainment since 1968. These are introduction, development, commercialisation, consolidation and revamping.
A device suspected to be a bomb was found in the aircraft's lavatory.
I am willing to guess that most people who live in the United States have no idea what Mauritius is or where in the world it is. They certainly don't know what (or I should say who) the US imports in large number from it and why we should care.
South Beach, bringing the heat. Well, actually, close to South Beach but away from the fray, and whimsically dressed up in mid-century Art Deco--that's what this Thompson has to offer.
NEW DELHI -- China's ambitions in the South China Sea have extended well into the Indian Ocean, and the prospect of an emerging superpower casting its shadow has roused anxiety in a number of littoral states, which look to India as an alternative security provider.