Max Boot

Max Boot warned of the worldwide importance that would accompany a rematch between Joe Biden and Donald Trump in November.
Biden is “the only realistic option we have,” warned Washington Post opinion writer Max Boot.
CNN's S.E. Cupp and The Washington Post's Max Boot slammed the conservative network as irresponsible and "covidiocy central."
Armed Trump zealots would “bear roughly the same symbiotic relationship to the GOP that the IRA had to the Sinn Fein party,” warned Max Boot.
It’s not with the Republican grassroots, Max Boot argued in The Washington Post.
“Fox is poisoning the minds of millions of Americans,” Washington Post columnist Max Boot wrote of the conservative network's anniversary.
Max Boot reality-checked Republicans with what their party has become.
Max Boot flipped a Benjamin Franklin quote on Republicans to highlight their reluctance to tackle the major issues of the day.
"I hope I am being overly alarmist. I really do," Max Boot wrote in The Washington Post.
"He is actually trying to do his job rather than simply drawing attention to himself," Max Boot wrote of Biden in his column for The Washington Post.