Max Greenfield

The Duchess of Sussex starred in the risqué project that was never picked up, until now.
America has 8 million animals in their shelters, and only half of those make it out alive. Troubling statistics like these, which only seem to multiply each year, were enough to keep Emmy nominated producer, and avid dog-loving activist, Michael Levitt awake at night.
In an exclusive interview with, McDonald's VP-Marketing Joel Yashinsky laid out all the elements of the campaign and explained the thinking behind them.
Feeling dizzy yet? And now (FINALLY! Sorry...) Schmidt broke up with Fawn. Because he wants to be in love. "Crazy in love
Now if she can only introduce him to Peter Gallagher. But now the two men are co-stars again in Michael Showalter's new film
Remember that time Max Greenfield revealed he had covered a Rihanna song while wearing a prosthetic suit? The "New Girl" actor
Max Greenfield recently revealed he had seriously considered giving up acting before landing his breakthrough role on the
What was it about doing this movie that interested you? We do the show for eight months and then we have a four-month hiatus
Zwick shot "About Alex" in Hudson, New York in the summer of 2013, roughly two-and-a-half hours outside of Manhattan. The
Since Wayans' character, Coach, was replaced by Winston after the pilot, it would make sense for Coach to try and reclaim
Bell, Colantoni and Greenfield reunited earlier this year at a hockey game. Check out the photo below! "You know it!" Greenfield
Max Greenfield related a vacation story where he thought he was being mistaken for someone else on "The Tonight Show." While
As promised from my previous post, here is the list of recognizable guest stars that appeared throughout the seasons of Veronica Mars.