If you haven't seen the CDC's action plan for surviving doomsday, here's a last-minute reminder for those of you who'll like me will be Left Behind.
Who lives not knowing death is right beside them, ever and eagerly anticipating the moment it slips in to take their place?
What's that? You don't believe it? Well, for those doubters out there, Tumblr 'F*ck Yeah Dementia' posted an easy trick to
If the world really is going to end on May 21, there's no reason to not go out entertained. And if you're looking for a preview
If you haven't heard, a California preacher says the world will end at 6 pm Saturday. Since post time for the Preakness is around 6:15 pm, betting on the race would be a waste of time and money.
HARRISON, N.J. -- Circled dates dot a calendar on John Ramsey's refrigerator door. They show the busy life of a 25-year-old
"That'll be a band name." You've said it, we've said it, everyone has said it. When news breaks, inevitably, someone in a
According to subway posters and people raising awareness outside of City Hall earlier this week, the end of the world is really May 21, 2011! So now it's time to grab your parachute and your bungee chords and try something you've never done before!
In case you haven't heard, the world is going to end on May 21st. That's according to Harold Camping, leader of the independent