may the fourth be with you

Today, I'm reflecting on the many ways I've celebrated Star Wars. I was the generation that saw Star Wars in the theater opening day and never looked back.
The Wookiee later described the meeting as "waaaaarrrrhhhhhgggg."
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What's your favorite "funny" moment in the "Star Wars" films? Yeah, you're with us. Anyway ... There are a few minor chuckles
As a kid, one of my favorite comic book series was What If? by Marvel Comics. Set in random alternate realities, each issue placed a familiar character in unfamiliar territory (e.g. What if the Hulk had the brain of Bruce Banner? What if the world knew Daredevil was blind?).
"Awkward" Marathon on MTV What says America better than a group of pubescent teenagers trying to fight their way through
The French have accused Hollywood -- and the United States by extension -- of culture imperialism from time to time but let's face it. You just can't keep good 'ol American pop culture in the armoire anymore.
May the fourth be with you! That's what true fans of the 1977 science fiction classic "Star Wars" say on May 4, a.k.a. Star
It's been a big week for "Star Wars"-loving families, with the casting news for the upcoming movie, Episode VII announced
Sunday, May 4, is "Star Wars" Day (aka May the Fourth Be With You), which means it's as good a time as any to listen to the
People change, beliefs change, systems change, everything changes. When education doesn't evolve with these changes, it affects our present and future.
"13 Going on 30" Available to purchase via Amazon Why? Because Andy Serkis is rarely not motion-captured, and "13 Going On
Comic-Con is happening right now, and if there's one thing it's known for, it's the elaborate costumes worn by its participants
The ceremony space was decorated with small statues of Yoda, Wicket the Ewok and Boba Fett, and the couple said their vows
Stuntbear brings us a reenactment of "Star Wars" if the events of the 1977 movie had hapened in Australia instead of a galaxy
Even though the White House is celebrating Star Wars Day, they're still refusing to build a Death Star. A December 2012 "We
It's Star Wars Day! The day originates from a play on the famous Jedi saying "May the force be with you." So, in the words
We can think of only one place where we’d want to celebrate this occasion.
Few franchises can compete with the "Star Wars" fan base, so it's no surprise that Jedi lovers all over the world have succeeded