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And indeed Maya rises and will continue to rise as her words are imprinted on the psyche of all who read her works and find
When news circulated that the notorious Westboro Baptist Church was planning to protest the "home-going" service of our nation's most beloved citizen, poet, author, civil-rights activist, and sister sage to us all, Dr. Maya Angelou, there was a collective gasp of disbelief.
Throughout Obama's eulogy, she praised Angelou for her everlasting impact, acknowledging that -- as Angelou herself once
Watch below as Womack performs "I Hope You Dance" on "The Oprah Show" in 2002. This is why Dr. Angelou stressed the importance
"She wrote about [her sex work] openly and really wasn't ashamed of it," De Leon said. "I don't think it was a pleasant time
Dr. Angelou devoted her life to telling the world what she believed. The best way to honor her is to follow her example. If she influenced you, make sure everyone you encounter knows she did, not by telling them but by talking about what you believe often, well and at any cost.
Melissa Harris-Perry opened up on Saturday about the very direct and personal influence that the late Maya Angelou had on
Instead of realizing her complexity, I fear that the things that made her great are being lost through softened eulogies. In order to really understand who Maya Angelou was, you would have to understand the tenets of her imperfections and the nuances of her limitations and how that, in turn, influenced her convictions.
We are alarmed at the negative impact of excessive school testing mandates, including your Administration’s own initiatives
Billions of people live on this planet, yet few depart it having truly inspired millions and leaving behind a positive change.