maya angelou quotes

“The idea is to write it so that people hear it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart.”
Sometimes the smallest voices best deliver the most important messages. What better way to end Black History Month and begin
We get it. Life can be hard. One moment, you can feel the profoundness of your own life's purpose in every aching atom of
Watch below as Womack performs "I Hope You Dance" on "The Oprah Show" in 2002. This is why Dr. Angelou stressed the importance
Dr. Angelou devoted her life to telling the world what she believed. The best way to honor her is to follow her example. If she influenced you, make sure everyone you encounter knows she did, not by telling them but by talking about what you believe often, well and at any cost.
If you have the privilege of being born a black woman, it is my belief, that it is a part of your divine mission to liberate yourself from all external and internalized oppression and thereby liberate the world.
She was right. Dr. Angelou traveled the globe, speaking in venues across the United States and as far as Israel, Egypt, England
My friends have been writing, reminding me of my Maya Angelou story, of my brief but meaningful time with her.
I was immediately entranced by her beautiful, luminous spirit which beamed through the phone, and also by her distinctive, unforgettable, commanding voice. Maya Angelou is the one person whose interviews I did not have to slow down to transcribe -- she talked with such resounding, measured magnificence, as if every melodious word was a treasured gift.
Billions of people live on this planet, yet few depart it having truly inspired millions and leaving behind a positive change.