A presidential poll released as Speaker Boehner made his announcement shows Republicans want something no Republican candidate is talking about.
One contest that could offer useful lessons occurred in South Dakota, where Mayday paired with Every Voice Action, another
Thanks to our imperfect, yet glorious, democracy we have the opportunity to make an impact investment in reversing this trend. Even more, this deal won't require you to decide which GIIRS metrics to use or haggle over pre-money valuations. All you need to do is believe we owe it to our future generations - and our pocketbooks - to reduce the corrosive influence of money in politics.
It is impossible not to be skeptical about a major political reform effort that has such a short time horizon and does not
"I'm not really sure what that one is," said Johnson, who closely tracks the political campaigns and outside groups in Kansas
What if we put our Declaration of Independence on an equal footing with the Constitution, and give it the force of law?
I believe that we can use the modern tools available to spread awareness and empower citizens, and that our collective stories can affect revolutionary reform. It is why I am committed to storytelling as a medium for activism, with citizen journalism today serving as oversight.
Every Voice Action, another campaign finance reform group, has spent $350,000 against Rounds in the past month. The group's
That is not the case with campaign contributions, which are "much harder to manipulate," according to Hilton. It provides
The "super PAC to end all super PACs" reached a major fundraising goal on Friday in its quest to reduce the influence of
Though Seeley is best known for his musical contributions to the High School Musical franchise, his five tips aren't for teenagers -- they're for men who want to make the moment count.
Perhaps Mayday, in its implied greatness, is just another Amazonian invasion of our privacy we should be wary of.
Today's Maytime Faerie Festivals, including Spoutwood Farm's May Day Fairie Festival, the Maryland Faerie Festival, and the New York Faerie Festival, are outgrowths of this vibrant May tradition. They feature kings and queens, Maypole dances, flower garlands and beautiful costumes.
The creators of the "pop-up library" carefully selected areas of the community that looked as though they could benefit from some brightening up ... not only with paint and bright colors but also with knowledge.
Mayday. Mayday. Mayday. This is the United States of America. Our pilot and crew are under the influence of unseen forces. Our position is unknown, and our time is growing short. We have 311 million souls on board. We are in urgent need of assistance.
May Day started here, but then became an international day in support of American workers who were being subjected to brutal violence and judicial punishment. If you get to a point where the existing institutions will not bend to the popular will, you have to eliminate the institutions.
For years the NFL, which kicks off its regular season in full on Sunday, has been the most lucrative sports league in the