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Toxic chemical fumes may be the cause of the mysterious lung illnesses linked to vaping.
“This is a public health crisis," a lead researcher behind the Mayo Clinic study said.
The “far, far left,” “far, far right” and “third- and fourth-rate academics” are all wrong about America’s most famous documentary filmmaker. Just ask him.
No, that gum you swallowed won't stay in your system for seven years.
The Washington State quarterback took his own life in January.
When you think back on the life of the late Robin Williams, you may remember him as being a brilliant comic, versatile actor, and generous humanitarian. You probably wouldn't think of Williams, who tragically died at the age of 63 from an apparent suicide, as a dementia sufferer.
Don't kiss Donald Trump's ring. That's the lesson former governor Mitt Romney learned the hard way. Romney was diagnosed
"I am surely biased," Meeker states, adding: "Yet I find it hard to understand the notion that spinal manipulation wouldn't
The Alzheimer's Association has prepared a very helpful document outlining some of the early warning signs of dementia. Another
"One of the problems I see in this field of evolutionary biology is that there are now a variety of definitions of what the
When we acknowledge our humanity and express our vulnerability; when those of us in leadership positions create the space for others to do so as well; and when we establish daily practices to cultivate serenity and harmony in our lives, we take care of our own hearts, and in doing so, have the power to restore the heart of medicine -- a win-win situation for both doctors and patients.
According to Beth McGroarty, PR Director, the concluding report on the top shifts coming in wellness is a "distillation of what the experts at the Global Wellness Summit presented on that topic and the new developments/ideas which were most crucial to their theme."
There are many potential health benefits to pet ownership, but a good night’s sleep may not necessarily be one of them.
The documentary film The Power of Forgiveness explores the physical, psychological, and spiritual effects of people's choices
But salt aside, it's pure, rejuvenating water thats the real healer. It's the cleanser from clouds, the food for summer blossoms
No one seems to know what causes the gender difference in volume and memory, but ladies, take heart, your husband isn't the
"His whole life we have heard, 'Nothing can be done, nothing can be done,' -- it's all we've heard, until now," Zderad's
Similarly, Gropple refers to employees today as living in a linear world at “a non-stop pace and go-go mentality where we
If both medications and the environment make physiological and neurological changes in us, could it be possible to design the environment to both engender and habituate attributes and behaviors in ourselves in order to prevent, or even reverse, diseases and disorders?