The legendary singer served shade to Chuck E. Cheese, Oreo, Papa John’s and others. She also convinced Mall of America to contractually ban mayo.
"All hail the new king of Caucasia!” the "Late Show" host joked.
Apparently, fat-free mayo, which the company first introduced in the '90s, doesn't cut the mustard.
The bizarre sandwich is made of two slices of Spam, Oreo cookies, and is topped with mayonnaise.
Here's why this Thanksgiving recipe is a brilliant idea.
Here's why I shudder at the thought of mayo on sandwiches or dressing on salads.
Southerners started eating this unusual combo during the Great Depression, and today it's a source of discord across the internet.
If the thought of a mayo-slathered sandwich revolts you, there's a whole community out there waiting to commiserate with you.
“Really putting the ‘Hell’ in mayonnaise,” one person tweeted.