Parents were hoping the City Council would address a controversial report on the 2022 mass shooting that killed 19 children and two teachers.
For the newly elected mayor of Gary, Indiana, the time for change is now or never.
“Everybody said it could not be done in Jacksonville, Florida,” said Deegan, the first woman elected to lead the 13th-biggest U.S. city.
The rifle used to kill five people at a bank cannot be legally destroyed and likely will be auctioned, said Craig Greenberg, who called for local control of gun laws.
Jeff Brown, a Democrat running for mayor of Philadelphia, prompted audible gasps with his answer to a question about environmental racism.
In a battle between progressives Brandon Johnson and Rep. Jesús “Chuy” García (D-Ill.), some wonder whether more moderate Democrats are the real winners.
Adams said Tuesday that he had spent thousands of dollars on rat mitigation efforts. The hearing officer was satisfied, and the fine was dismissed on Thursday.
"That's Latin, thank you," Caruso said in what appeared to be an attempt to align his heritage with the Los Angeles Latino community.
Greg Fischer, mayor of Kentucky's largest city, was assaulted months after a gunman attacked Craig Greenberg, a candidate in the race to replace Fischer.
President Donald Trump is being slammed for disregarding to pay back cities for holding his campaign rallies.