"I am, not just deeply ashamed, but deeply sorry for those tweets," Sawyer said in response to the controversial posts, which included anti-LGBTQ language.
The progressive activist who helped tear down Memphis' Confederate monuments will be on the ballot Oct. 3.
The 2020 presidential candidate responds to reports that he disenfranchised low-income and minority homeowners as mayor of South Bend, Indiana.
Pete Buttigieg announced he is joining the crowded presidential race.
Mitchell Brinson and Dakeithia Nesha Andrews are facing charges in the deaths of Gary and Jackie Skelton.
Breed promised to be a voice for those who grew up in public housing, just like she did.
They call it a "stark, inexplicable, and unwarranted attack on the constitutional principles that lie at the heart of our system of government.”
He wore out two pairs of shoes knocking on doors and handing out 7,500 flyers.
Fort's populist bid drew attention to challenges facing the city's working class.
The cost savings of alternative energy lure GOP mayors, but the climate reasons resonate, too.
Carmen Yulín Cruz is a nasty woman, and she wants Trump to know it.
"Other people judge me. What is the difference? I say I’m white," the Republican told a reporter.
The mayor of Lancaster perpetuates a few stereotypes in an interview with Vice.