Mayor de Blasio

Sandra Chica's husband Pablo Villavicencio-Calderon faces deportation after being detained by ICE while delivering food to Fort Hamilton military base in Brooklyn, New York on June 1.
American politics has always been a full-contact sport. But it has crossed a line in recent years. It is now less like sport and more like war.
This week, we heard news of another rise in the homeless population in NYC's shelters. Mayor de Blasio said he is formulating a "comprehensive vision" on homelessness.
De Blasio is hoping this executive order will serve as a model for employers everywhere.
Carmelyn P. Malalis is the Commissioner and Chair of the New York City Commission on Human Rights. Nisha Agarwal is the Commissioner
The Housing Recovery Office is moving aggressively toward Mayor Bill de Blasio's goal of program completion by the end of 2016. The following deadlines, forced upon Sandy victims who have been waiting nearly four years for assistance, will be strictly enforced.
Last Friday, State leaders voted to extend mayoral control of NYC schools for one year. This time, for the first time ever, there are specific strings attached. The Mayor and the city will now be required to share funding formulas and information for individual schools.
Bill de Blasio could well be the most mired mayor in New York City history. As the subject of multiple investigations at the state and federal level, he's not just tabloid fodder.
On February 4th, when the Teamsters pulled support from a bill, they never agreed to in the first place, the Mayor sat in his SUV for 16 minutes, rather than face the men and women in top hats on the steps of city hall.
Yes the squeaky wheel syndrome is firmly in place and will continue to be until the mayor, the chancellor, and the DOE provide solutions based in substance and depth, not buzz words and quick fixes so that more NYC public school students get the educational support they should.
Since the creation of the fund, deposits have been made in good economic times, but it has been raided for budget relief
Secondly: average percentages. What will those be based on? Will the number of students enrolled in a school be taken into
Although a plan for privatization and other questionable cost-cutting remedies are not as clearly outlined as in NextGen NYCHA, once again we must be concerned that a new generation of problems will not be addressed by the prescribed road to a cure.
Disenfranchised voters in the city can now look forward to a Board of Elections audit and potential overhaul that is long overdue. NYC students deserve the same.
Ethics is something that was taught in ancient Greece and was once neatly woven into our secondary education system. Ethics classes, like civics classes, are now rarely found on the high school level in this country. Isn't it time to resurrect this again?
When looking at a NYC public school's annual budget, the funding stream that by far supplies the most money is a budget line called Fair Student Funding or FSF. FSF was introduced in 2008 to better meet the needs of individual students.
In comments that greatly offended the autism/Asperger world, if not the entire disability community, not one, but three MTA
As the parent of two kids at a specialized high school and PTA co-president at Brooklyn Tech, plus someone who's helped dozens of families navigate the high school process over the past couple of years, I have some advice for the DOE that could make a constructive difference going forward.