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Soon everyone entering bars, restaurants, nail salons and gyms will need to show proof of vaccination.
The high-profile Democrat plans to focus on the city's homeless crisis in her quest to replace outgoing Mayor Eric Garcetti.
Fact: CD 1 is home to most of the hideous developments of L.A. embarrassment and Trump-like opponent of walkable communities
On that 2013 date, in a gushing LA Times article about plays he puts on in his backyard, Wolfson said, "I'm not a doctor
It is only Tuesday but it is shaping up to be another great week in L.A. The transformational L.A. happening, CicLAvia Southeast
Jason Hill offers hand-painted photographic prints of the Venice Art Walls that capture the vivid, saturated color of the
"I am riding the train to Santa Monica!" I nearly shouted as we pulled into Bergamot Station. Of course Expo to the beach
After the tree planting, I came home with one of City Plants' beautiful free apricot seedlings which is already in the ground
Ending homelessness is not about waving a magic wand so no one becomes homeless ever again; rather, it's working hard to make sure the processes and systems are in place so that when a person or family enters homelessness, their housing needs are quickly and appropriately identified, met and sustained.
My message to Los Angeles clergy and 'leaders' in their condemnation of 'Black Lives Matter,' is that they are on the wrong side of history and are virtually proclaiming their own irrelevance to the cause of social justice. It is all of our duty to struggle for righteousness and against injustice.