London Breed has taken on the role after Mayor Ed Lee's sudden death.
Cities and states are ready to tackle the climate crisis without Trump.
Banking's consequential leadership failures are now a matter for the history books. But the media's complex leadership failures
Dear Mayors of Leading U.S. Cities:   We, as some of the Canadian, European, Latin American and Australian mayors of the
As a "heat dome" has settled over much of the country this week, causing temperatures to rise to the triple digits, this
I just wish it would cut school sports altogether and get back to what school should be about -- academics, instead of bringing
Get together, make a new social contract, keep your citizens safe. Take on the Feds, take on the courts, take on those craven legislators bought or cowed by the NRA, and tell them there will be no more guns in our cities. Period.
From crime reduction to eliminating blighted properties, cities across the country are using data to improve services, meaningfully engage residents, and make better decisions.
Our day-to-day lives are punctuated by peaks in pollution levels, largely caused by vehicle emissions, that result in serious health problems. We therefore assume with determination our mission to protect public health and the climate.
On December 4, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo gathered 1,000 city and regional officers at Le Bourget to make a grand statement
(WATCH) Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg says cities are prepared to fight climate change.
Partisan divides can make it difficult for national legislators to come together.
While the nation focuses on the presidential caucus races, the extraordinary campaigns of four Iowa City council candidates in November's upcoming election have inspired local voters to put the famed "UNESCO City of Literature" in the forefront of flourishing green economy and climate action proposals.
In his historic speech to Congress, Pope Francis hailed the welcoming values of acceptance and diversity that the United States represents throughout the world.
Speaking truth to power and the publics, the encyclical encouraged a radical reorientation in how we communicate with each other and coexist with the natural world. What a welcome wake-up call.