maziar bahari

Maziar Bahari's memoir was the basis of Jon Stewart's film "Rosewater."
Orwell's Thought Police are functioning today in Iran. I know this because my cousin, Shahriar Cyrus, a husband, father of a young son and accomplished painter, was arrested last week in Iran in a similar fashion. Eleven representatives of Iran's Ministry of Intelligence came for him. His crime -- like that of hundreds of others -- was his belief.
Solitary confinement is one of the cruelest punishments of all... being left alone with nothing but your thoughts, fears
For the past two weeks, Gael García Bernal has been making the rounds on TV -- late night shows, morning shows, news programs, and even fake news programs -- to promote his newest film, the Jon Stewart-directed drama Rosewater.
What do you hope audiences take away from "Rosewater"? Many things, many questions. I think among the many questions the
“I was in solitary confinement for 107 days,” he said. “I think solitary confinement is the worst kind of psychological torture
On a regular basis, I see many worse movies out there than Rosewater, Stewart's sometimes affecting, sometimes overly earnest film about an Iranian journalist thrown into solitary confinement by a regime that thinks he's a spy.
For fifteen years, Jon Stewart has been "America's Most Trusted Newsman" as host of Comedy Central's The Daily Show, even as he'd be the first to tell you he's not an actual newsman.
"Rosewater" will be released in the U.S. on Nov. 14th. Stewart said that in the beginning he took a purist approach, but