John McAfee holds no illusions about how difficult it would be for the Libertarian Party Nominee to win the White House. He does see 2016 as a historic opportunity to spread the libertarian message of personal liberty, privacy and self-ownership.
Officials with the Russian Interior Ministry could not be reached for comment early on Wednesday in Moscow. He told Reuters
Breaking Up Is Hard to Do Symantec's Kevin Haley, tried to make the case that the only time one of these intrusive programs
The majority, 75 percent, are active Facebook users. They're using the site to find long lost high school buddies, stay in
First of all, it's crucial to keep on top of new security threats and understand how they could affect the car you drive
If you're curious about Lily Collins and head to the Internet to find out, beware — McAfee has ranked the actress as the most dangerous celeb to search for online.
To join the conversation use #IsThisTMI or follow McAfee on Twitter @McAfeeConsumer or Facebook. Not sure if you are guilty
He followed that up with work on heart devices that he was due to present at Black Hat next week in his first presentation
The paper also described in detail how the attackers siphoned data from infected computers using a sophisticated infrastructure
Like The Pill changed how people shared their bodies, social media changed what personal information young people will share with casual acquaintances or perfect strangers.
The threats to children of unsupervised use of the Internet are well known and range from identity theft, cyberbullying and
John McAfee joins Alicia and explains why he's never murdered anyone.
You've done it. You've graduated at last. Your whole life is in front of you. Now is the time to make plans, embrace the world, take responsibility, make a statement, do some good and make this place better than how you found it.
Rare is the teen that doesn't have access to a mobile device, be it a smartphone or tablet. Even more rare is the teen that has had a "training" session on how they will use such a device provided by their parent or guardian.
Some companies, like Bit9, offer what is called "white-listing," which only allows good files onto computer networks, instead
McAfee continues on to say: McAfee's antics are slated to be detailed in an upcoming graphic novel, and according to the
McAfee, the eponymous founder of the U.S. software security firm, took to his blog late last week claiming that he organized
At the Consumer Electronics Show today, Intel and McAfee announced new technology that they've been developing over the past year. The announcement couldn't come at a better time for McAfee, which spent much of December trying to distance itself from bad press surrounding its founder.