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McDonald's is looking at flavored McCafé hot coffee in its hunt for incremental customer traffic. The burger chain has served flavored iced McCafé coffees since 2007, a year after it introduced its Premium Roast coffee, and it offers French Vanilla and Hazelnut flavors in the bagged coffee it sells in supermarkets in collaboration with Kraft. But hot coffee options in its restaurants are limited to regular and decaf.
McDonald's has said it will begin simplifying its menu. McCafé and Happy Meals may be the first to get eliminated.
The fast-food giant remodeled a standalone McCafe in Sydney this month and named it The Corner. Sporting a simple, muted
Many HBCUs have great fashion departments and robust programs that people aren't aware of. Though I did not attend an HBCU, as a former student of color in fashion merchandising, I can attest, the journey to a fashion career can feel lonely.
Would you buy McCafé bagged coffee at the market?
The latest edition of "fast food breakfast wars 2014."
Yes, political candidates want to be seen as "one of us" by voters, but which one counts more: the Starbucks or McCafé crowd?